A World Without Flame

With a great gasp, The Great Cities, powerful testaments of the faith the people of the Great Cities had in the Primes, drew in air with the force of hurricanes roaring to thousands of feet height scorching all unfortunate enough to be nearby. Then winked out of existence leaving the world dark. The Primes, the most powerful gods of the land, have disappeared from the continent of Lordran, the known world, and with it taken their Great Flame leaving the world without its Light. People of the Great Cities, families, friends, allies, and armies now find themselves suddenly far flung and disconnected from each other with nothing but unknown unlit expanse between them. The sky is visibly darker without the Great Flame’s light and a new ominous celestial body, a black sun ringed in fire light seemingly dripping a stream of light from it to the ground. Unlike the sun, it is an ever present fixture in the sky with no movement or cycle. The Age of Fire seems to have come to a violent end as the faithful have lost their Prime-given powers. Mankind is slowly learning that they must now rely on themselves in this dark time.

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Of The Flame

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