Of The Flame

Arriving in Aincrad City Proper

From the Frying Pan and into Another Frying Pan

The IB finally return to the Material Plane with and with the aid of Wit. Wit excuses himself from the party by skip-running off down the street squealing in excitement like a small child. The IB encounter and aid some Silver Knights in battle. The party retreats back with the The Silver Knights to their stronghold, The Broken Hammer Inn in The Middle City of Aincrad. Here the LGK is reacquainted with Bai, who has been leading the Silver Knights ever since the collapse of the Aincrad portals.

The party rests exploring the area and making new connections amongst the patrons of the Broken Hammer Inn until they are met by the LGK and Bai to discuss strategies to retake Aincrad.


Badrath Badrath

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